Whether it is work, environment, or relationship-induced, stress affects your life negatively. Finding some time to talk to a therapist about it can end up making a difference.


Man Stressed At Work

Stress is the emotional result of our body reacting to changes that are taxing and demanding, but this doesn’t mean that stress is always a bad thing. There are different types of stress, and some types of stress can be positive (eustress), like taking a vacation, getting married, getting a promotion, etc… while others forms of stress are negative (distress), like filing for divorce, unemployment, sleep problems, etc. Stress can also be acute, episodically acute, or chronic. When distress becomes chronic and severe, it can be detrimental to a person’s health, and it can contribute to serious diseases and/or health risks. Talking about stress with a therapist can help you restore a sense of calm.


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